Day Two

Welcome back for day two!

How are you feeling?

Today, let’s talk about your WHY and tapping into your motivation…

Here are today’s #snackidea clips to try out.

Enjoy and remember to tick each snack off on your weekly success sheet as you go. This habit will help to keep you on track!

Snack on Exercise - Bite


Snack on Exercise - Takeaway Snack

Snack on Exercise - Deskercise


Snack on Exercise - Dessert Snack


Comment below or in the group to check in and let us know how you’ve gone!

Have a fantastic day,

Lauren & the SOE Team


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  1. Love how my boring ol’ “calf raises” can become beautiful classical ballet moves. Big thanks to Sally H. Really enjoyed every exercise on Day Two – great variety.

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  3. Great ideas for some short bursts of excercise! Love how it doesn’t get boring or too tiring because you’re not doing it for long:)

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      Fabulous to hear you’re enjoying it all so far Nicki! Thanks for being here and sharing how you’re going xx Lauren

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