What is Snacking on Exercise ?

This philosophy makes it easy to fit exercise into your day in short movement bursts. For example moving for 1 minute, 4 or more times a day.

Our mini-challenges and programmes will inspire you with short exercise videos sharing 'snack ideas.' Don't worry! We know what it’s like to feel so busy that you’re not sure where to start. Everything is be delivered in bite-sized, two-minute videos, so you really can fit it in.

Each routine will be totally achievable and super simple (and fun) to make a part of your day - even when you feel you have 'no time'.

Who is this for?

This approach is designed for real people, just like you and me. It's not for all of the uber-fit athletes out there. It's about inspiring your to be able to move every day in fresh, fun ways that you'll want to keep up for life.

Everything is tailored to help you start where you are and do what you can. We always include low-impact or lower intensity options and each routine is designed to give you an effective workout in a short space of time.

Sounds good, right?

How to make the Snack on Exercise pledge
(AKA The Rules)

  • Snack on 4

    Snack on four or more minutes of exercise every day.

  • Spread your snacks

    Ideally do four snacks spread throughout your day (e.g. one minute when you get up, one minute in the morning, one minute at lunchtime and one minute in the afternoon.)

  • Get moving

    Do anything that gets your heart rate up and/or works your muscles, preferably a combination of both. Join the challenge for lots of inspiring clips giving you snack ideas and feel free to ask questions in our facebook group.

  • Play catch up

    If you get to the evening and realise you’ve missed your snacks, simply catch yourself up by doing four minutes then.

  • Stay positive

    Hey, if you miss a whole day, just start over. This is all about a positive action and building consistency, no guilt or pity parties allowed!

  • Don't limit yourself

    You don’t have to stop at four minutes; just remember to focus on quality, not just quantity, with all of your exercise.

  • Develop a streak

    See how many days you can keep up a solid streak of snacking on exercise.

  • Spread the word

    Remember to encourage others and spread the positive ripple!

Bonus Rules

If you want a holistic 4x4 approach, you can pledge to add in these optional bonus rules, alongside your four minutes snacking on exercise, to boost your health and happiness even more!
Every day:
  • Eat a salad (aim for variety and a mixture of colours)
  • Practise four minutes of mindfulness (e.g. stretching, breathing, journaling, gratitude)
  • Drink more water than other drinks (e.g. sweetened, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages)

On the Menu

Because variety is the spice of life, we’ve got a whole range of different ‘snack’ types to suit your mood. Which one will become your favourite?


Short sharp less than a minute workouts. The option is always there to repeat these as desired!


A tasty four-minute completely balanced full body strength and cardio workout to savour and enjoy!


No equipment workouts you can do anywhere anytime. Perfect for travelling


Desserts spells ‘stressed’ backwards so your dessert is a snack to wind your body down; to shift it out of the stressed fight or flight mode, bringing things back in balance.


Outdoor workouts for your backyard, the park, kids playground, the countryside or the beach.


A great snack to do with your desk and chair, breaking up the day, refreshing your brain.

Shared Snack

Working out with one or more colleagues or friends in a pair or group. A focus on fun, interaction and friendly competition.

Baby Snack

Great workouts to try with kids and grandkids. Beneficial for both you and them in so many ways. Get fit, spend quality time and be an inspirational role model in young lives.