Day Six

Woo Hoo, only 2 days to go!!!

How is your streak coming along? Have you managed five solid days in a row?

If not then remember, today is a new day to start over!

I hope you enjoy the mini-challenge I give you in today’s quick tip. Can you guess what it is?


Here are today’s #Snackideas…

Snack on Exercise - Picnic Snack

Snack on Exercise - Shared Snack

Snack on Exercise - Takeaway Snack

Snack on Exercise - Dessert Snack


Let me know how your day went in the group or down below. I’d love to hear where you got moving outdoors if managed to fit that in!

Have a fabulous day!

Lauren & the SOE Team


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  1. Hi Lauren, Thank you so much, I am really enjoying the Snack on Exercise program. I have saved each exercise so I hope they are never deleted as I want to refer back to them. As I am quite weak, I struggle with the planking and also the downward dog type exercises but everything else I’ve loved!
    I even went out for a walk last night and did 10 star jumps at each lamp post lol. I have purchased your book and I look forward to reading that with interest. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Kind regards Lee

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      Fabulous to hear your feedback Lee and to know how much you’re loving it! I’m sure you r strength will improve quickly as you continue on as well! 🙂 Lauren

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