Day Seven

Congratulations on making it to day Seven!

I’m so proud of you my friend!

Here are your final #snackidea clips…

Snack on Exercise - Deskercise

Snack on Exercise - Takeaway Snack

Snack on Exercise - Baby Snack

Snack on Exercise - Dessert Snack

Looking forward to hearing your feedback about your day and the past seven days in general.

Leave me a comment down below or in the group!

Lauren & the SOE Team


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  1. Whoever advised actors never to work with animals or children didn’t know John Polley. He was so fast, those kids didn’t have a chance to go off script! Throughout this clip I literally “laughed out loud” – which, when you do it for over a minute at a time, is great aerobic exercise in itself. It was truly delightful and – like all JP’s Snacks – impressive, original and fun.

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE the ballet and mobilising stretches – thank you so much, Lauren, for choosing a broad definition for the exercise snacks on offer throughout this 7 day challenge. I’m unable to do any high impact training these days, but the same things that are stopping me – age, stiffness and chronic injury – are precisely the reasons why I want and NEED to keep moving as much as possible, in as many ways as possible. I’m so grateful to you for coming up with this idea and following through to share it with the world. Cheers, Jay

  2. Thank you for a fabulous 7 days 🙂 I was beating myself up a little the first couple of days for missing some of the routines & not doing ‘everything’ but after the next couple I forgave myself because I found myself ‘finding’ other ways to move for short periods when otherwise I wouldn’t have. When my granddaughter said “come and dance with me ” I actually did have a mad jump & dance around with her (and had fun!) instead of saying “Grandma’s too old & tired” as I hate to admit I have done once or twice before… NOT a good message to send to the next generation! I loved the deskercise routines to get me moving at work and Sally’s barre routine is now part of my tooth brushing routine 🙂 Nice mind shift… starting small but aiming to keep it up & keep becoming even more active. Thanks 🙂

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