Day Four

We’re halfway through my friend! How are you feeling?

Today I have a mini-challenge for you…

Here are your four #snackidea clips for today, which will be your favourite?

Snack on Exercise - Takeaway Snack


Snack on Exercise - Shared Snack

Snack on Exercise - Picnic Snack


Snack on Exercise - Bite

Go out and have a fabulous day! Who are you going to share this with?

I’ll look forward to hearing from you below or in the group.

Lauren & the SEO Team


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  1. Well, I might not have been physically able to run or squat my way around a chair -a la John Polley – but, boy, did I have fun calling the shots for my darling husband to do that Snack!
    Thanks so much for the beautiful stretch sequence from Bronnie M. It’s a keeper. ?

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