How to Snack on Exercise

Here’s how to make the Snack on Exercise pledge (AKA The Rules)

  • Snack on 4

    Snack on four or more minutes of exercise every day.

  • Spread your snacks

    Ideally do four snacks spread throughout your day (e.g. one minute when you get up, one minute in the morning, one minute at lunchtime and one minute in the afternoon.)

  • Get moving

    Do anything that gets your heart rate up and/or works your muscles, preferably a combination of both. Make it a priority to watch the inspiring clips giving you snack ideas each day, and feel free to ask questions in our facebook group.

  • Play catch up

    If you get to the evening and realise you’ve missed your snacks, simply catch yourself up by doing four minutes then.

  • Stay positive

    Hey, if you miss a whole day, just start over. This is all about a positive action and building consistency, no guilt or pity parties allowed!

  • Don’t limit yourself

    You don’t have to stop at four minutes; just remember to focus on quality, not just quantity, with all of your exercise.

  • Develop a streak

    See how many days can you keep up a solid streak of snacking on exercise.

  • Spread the word

    Remember to encourage others and spread the positive ripple!


These seven days are just the start, we hope you will continue with your new found routines and keep on snacking on exercise for life!


If you want to hear the story behind how the Snack on Exercise movement started, check it out here.


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