Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
Ever wish you could easily boost your energy and lift your mood?

Snack on Exercise is a global movement that will revolutionise the way you think about exercise, showing you exactly how to overcome the ‘no time’ barrier and helping you feel vibrant, confident and energised, for life!

Register today for our upcoming 7-Day Snack on Exercise Challenge

Join us and commit to Snack on Exercise for four minutes every day, and see how amazing you feel!

Even when we’re busy we still find time to brush our teeth, right? We will teach you the simplest ways to fit it all in, without taking any extra time out of your day. Be inspired along with a like-minded group of people and get the accountability and support you need to stay on track.

Snack on Exercise

P.S. Did we mention that there is no cost? This 7-day challenge is totally gratis. So go ahead and register today!

How does the challenge work?

Each day, for seven days, you will be inspired with fresh ‘snack’ ideas delivered directly to your inbox and be invited to take part in a mini-mission for the day.

Don’t worry! We know what it’s like to feel so busy that you’re not sure where to start. Everything will be delivered in bite-sized, two-minute videos, so you really can fit it in.

Each routine will be totally achievable and super simple (and fun) to make a part of your day – even when you feel you have ‘no time’.

Who is this for?

This challenge is designed for real people, just like you and me. It’s not for all of the uber-fit athletes out there. It’s about inspiring your to be able to move every day in fresh, fun ways that you’ll want to keep up for life.

Everything is tailored to help you start where you are and do what you can. We always include low-impact or lower intensity options and each routine is designed to give you an effective workout in a short space of time.

Sounds good, right?

How to make the Snack on Exercise pledge
(AKA The Rules)

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    Snack on 4

    Snack on four or more minutes of exercise every day.

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    Spread your snacks

    Ideally do four snacks spread throughout your day (e.g. one minute when you get up, one minute in the morning, one minute at lunchtime and one minute in the afternoon.)

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    Get moving

    Do anything that gets your heart rate up and/or works your muscles, preferably a combination of both. Join the challenge for lots of inspiring clips giving you snack ideas and feel free to ask questions in our facebook group.

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    Play catch up

    If you get to the evening and realise you’ve missed your snacks, simply catch yourself up by doing four minutes then.

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    Stay positive

    Hey, if you miss a whole day, just start over. This is all about a positive action and building consistency, no guilt or pity parties allowed!

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    Don't limit yourself

    You don’t have to stop at four minutes; just remember to focus on quality, not just quantity, with all of your exercise.

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    Develop a streak

    See how many days can you keep up a solid streak of snacking on exercise.

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    Spread the word

    Remember to encourage others and spread the positive ripple!

Bonus Rules

If you want a holistic 4×4 approach, you can pledge to add in these optional bonus rules, alongside your four minutes snacking on exercise, to boost your health and happiness even more!
Every day:
  • Eat a salad (aim for variety and a mixture of colours)
  • Practise four minutes of mindfulness (e.g. stretching, breathing, journaling, gratitude)
  • Drink more water than other drinks (e.g. sweetened, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages)

On the Menu

Because variety is the spice of life, we’ve got a whole range of different ‘snack’ types to suit your mood. Which one will become your favourite?


Short sharp less than a minute workouts. The option is always there to repeat these as desired!


A tasty four-minute completely balanced full body strength and cardio workout to savour and enjoy!


No equipment workouts you can do anywhere anytime. Perfect for travelling


Desserts spells ‘stressed’ backwards so your dessert is a snack to wind your body down; to shift it out of the stressed fight or flight mode, bringing things back in balance.


Outdoor workouts for your backyard, the park, kids playground, the countryside or the beach.


A great snack to do with your desk and chair, breaking up the day, refreshing your brain.

Shared Snack

Working out with one or more colleagues or friends in a pair or group. A focus on fun, interaction and friendly competition.

Baby Snack

Great workouts to try with kids and grandkids. Beneficial for both you and them in so many ways. Get fit, spend quality time and be an inspirational role model in young lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. Snacking on exercise at your cubicle on your own can feel a bit strange, right? This movement is all about sharing the positive ripple, so why not encourage your colleagues to join you? It’s much more fun, you can cheer each other on and keep each other accountable. Put the idea forward to your manager or the HR team and get the whole office snacking! Contact us to request a workplace snack on exercise info pack.
Yes, of course. You are such a vital role model in their lives and your actions speak louder than words. We would love you to inspire them to join you. Look out for ‘baby snack’ and ‘shared snack’ ideas which will be perfect. Or simply get your kids or grandkids to copy you when you’re doing any other of the snack types. Get your competitive spirit out and get the whole family involved for some fun times creating special memories together.
First are foremost you need to look after yourself so we recommend you focus first on your rehabilitation. (I know – it can be so frustrating, but that really is the best course of action!) Treat your rehab exercise as your ‘snacks’ for the day and get yourself back to 100%. You could also talk to your health care provider to discuss what you can do. If it’s a lower limb injury perhaps you can still do some seated shadow boxing or upper body strength exercises? If it’s a shoulder injury perhaps you can still do the cardio and leg workouts? If in doubt, do seek personalised advice.
Yes. The whole idea of this movement is to help you get started. No matter what your fitness level is like at the moment, there will be something you can do (bearing in mind you keep yourself safe if you have any injuries or health concerns.) Simply start out at a gentle, comfortable pace and work up from there as your fitness increases.
The great thing about focusing on a short burst of activity is that you can give it more effort. If you were to picture yourself sprinting for say 20 hours – it just wouldn’t work right? Whereas if you were to sprint for 20 seconds you could give that a good burst of energy. The idea is the same here. You don’t have to sprint at the pace of an athlete, but you can apply the principle and boost your strength and fitness by adding a short burst of effort at a manageable pace for you. Numerous studies have shown that by adding a bit of intensity we see much better results in a wide range of health markers including fitness, muscle gain, fat reduction, blood lipid profiles and insulin resistance, than simply doing longer steady state exercise.
Great question! Other than being a short achievable number that instantly makes people say ‘Oh, I can do that!’ there are two reasons we’ve picked four minutes as the daily pledge amount. Firstly, four minutes is the equivalent time it takes us to brush our teeth every day, so it fits with the idea of making this a daily habit for the rest of your life. Secondly, the original Tabata Protocol that emerged from the Japanese Olympic Speed Skating Team’s training regime was just four minutes in length. Nowadays we often see people calling any style of high-intensity or interval training a ‘Tabata’ but it isn’t commonly known that the original study, which produced excellent results (as analysed by Izumi Tabata back in 1996, hence the name) were based on just one, four minute block, not the multiple repeated blocks that we commonly see today. The thing is that we don’t see many exercise classes or personal trainers out there selling four minute sessions. They’ve added repeats in there to flesh out the time. But here at Snack on Exercise we want to shift people’s paradigms, so we’re coming back to that principle that if you’re strapped for time, less really can be more. .
No, you certainly don’t have to. This whole concept is about getting you started and ideally getting you moving at four different times throughout your day for a minute or so. If you can increase that and do more, then good on you. Go for it! Just bear in mind that quality vs quantity is important with all of your exercise. Spending longer periods, particularly doing restorative movement in ways that you enjoy and getting out into nature for good dose of sunlight is also important. It’s all about balance. We just want four minutes to be your baseline every single day.
Nope. You don’t need any expensive equipment, nor any bottles, pills, potions or creams. Your body is the best exercise tool you could hope for. You may however want to invest in a resistance band or a set of dumbbells (preferably with adjustable weights because you’ve going to get pretty strong, pretty quickly, especially if this is new for you.) But these aren’t essential and you can start by improvising with what you have at home – empty milk bottles filled with water or sand make great hand weights.
Yes, sure thing. We get that life is always busy but there is no need to hold off. If you have to pause and come back you can always catch up later on. You’ll still have access to the daily info that we’ve sent you. You may just miss out on being live in the group interacting with others quite as much (unless you have wifi where you’re headed in which case – come and join the party!)

Snack on Exercise

P.S. Did we mention that there is no cost? This 7-day challenge is totally gratis. So go ahead and register today!